Buff Orpington hen, listed rare by the RBSTThe continuing development of new varieties of hybrid chickens has seen a serious decrease over the years in the true pure-breeds of poultry. This is an important conservation issue as we have already lost breeds, such as, The Exmoor and Kent Fowl.

At Haytor Reach we only keep only pure-bred, traditional and rare breeds of chicken.

All our birds are kept outdoors on grass as mother nature intended.

Fertile hatching eggs are collected daily, packaged and posted whilst fresh and sent nationwide for people to hatch.

We are passionate about the conservation work that we do and by purchasing and hatching these eggs your are supporting these rare breeds also.

We keep Traditional and Rare Breeds that are known for their good laying ability, dual purpose breeds (meat and eggs) and some which just look beautiful!

So if you would like a few chickens for your back garden please consider a pure-breed and help preserve them for our future generations to see.