Red Silkie HenThe rare and rich vibrant red plumage of our Red Silkies is making them a popular choice with breeders and families alike. We have found both colourways are extremely good layers of dark cream eggs, some with speckling. Hens and cockerels are of good large fowl size and show standard, with the correct comb and lobe colouring. Chicks hatched from fertile eggs sent, will be either Red or Red Partridge, the differences been easily seen when a couple of days old. Red Partridge chicks have cleared lines down their back, like a chipmunk, Reds are very pale apricot.

Red Silkie PairRed Silkie Pair Silkies are a very ancient breed found originally in China a thousand years ago. They have fur-like feathering which is unique to the breed and this softness along with a calm and gentle character make them a firm favourite with children.

Silkies make fantastic pets for the back garden as they do not fly and can be kept in smaller runs or a poultry ark. They have trusting natures and will eat from your hand. Their unusual feathering does mean a little extra care needs to be taken when choosing their accommodation, they do not dry quickly and therefore some shelter from rain is essential.

Red Silkie CockerelFor those looking for a broody hen, Silkies are the first choice, often being used as foster mothers for other breeds.

Overall Silkies make a great addition to any back garden, being light on their feet and creating little mess. They are friendly, calm and at times extremely funny. Ideal as children's pets and providing eggs too.



Quick Facts:

  • Chickens for family homes.
  • Ideal as children's pets.
  • Suitable for beginners.
  • 160 Estimated eggs per season.

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Also Available: Silkie Collection, 2 Red/Red Partridge 2 Blue 2 White
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