Lemon Pyle and Buff Columbian Blue Brahma

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Brahma Group Lemon Pyle Brahma Hen This spendid Large Fowl is believed to originate in India where it took its name from the Brahma-Pootra river in the 1840's.

Often called the 'King of Chickens' the Brahma is calm and docile, and for such a stately bird does little damage to the ground because of its feathered feet.

The Brahma is a popular breed suitable for beginners.

At Haytor Reach we have a super group of Brahmas in a mix of Buff Columbian Blue and Lemon Pyle.

Brahmas in action Lemon Pyle Brahma hens are extremely pretty with pale buff body feathers complimented by iridescent pearl coloured neck and tail feathers. The males are simply stunning with similar markings to the hens but in addition have gold over-feathers and attractive two toned blue and white neck and tail feathers.

The Buff Columbian Blue birds Have highly attractive pale blue/grey neck and tail feathers.

Due to limited space in our hatchery barn these birds will be mostly only available as hatching eggs.

Egg sales only.

Available By Mail Order:
Box of Six Lemon Pyle and Buff Columbian Blue Brahma Hatching Eggs. Large Fowl Birds. £18.00   Add to Cart