Dusty the Lavender Pekin Cockerel and his ladies.Pekin Hens With a tummy full of corn these hens always enjoy a perch and a natter before bedtime.This breed was originally brought back to Britian from Beijing in1860 by the British Army and is probably the most favourite of all the true bantams.

We keep four beautifully marked Lavender Cuckoo Cockerels running with Cuckoo and Lavender Hens. Most birds will be delicately marked with speckles. There are 12 colours standardised by the Pekin Club of Great Britian, and we just adore them.

Pekins make wonderful pets for the back garden. Their docile and tame character plus round cuddly shape makes them instantly appealing to children and adults alike.

Because of their small size Pekins can be kept in smaller gardens. They will cope well in poultry arks but appreciate free ranging on grass.

Though small in stature Pekins love to forage in the garden and make cheeky little garden companions. They do not fly very high, or that often, so low fencing will keep them contained but they do enjoy a log or low branch to perch on.

Pekins make excellent mothers and are devoted to their chicks.

If you are looking for chickens that children can pick up and cuddle, Pekins are small and docile enough for this to be possible, they will fit into the average size back garden, are pretty to look at and lay a few eggs too!

Quick Facts:

  • Chickens for family homes.
  • Ideal as children's pets.
  • Suitable for beginners.
  • 120 Estimated eggs per season.
  • Both sexes delightful.

One Box of Six Lavender Cuckoo/Lavender Pekin Hatching Eggs: £16.99.
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