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Welcome to Haytor Reach Rare Poultry

a specialist hatching egg farm.

With panoramic views of Dartmoor and the surrounding Devon countryside, Haytor Reach is a family run hatching egg poultry farm. We specialise in Traditional and Rare Breeds, which could become extinct if not given the support they deserve.

Our quality breeding stock originates from all over the British Isles. All our birds are kept naturally on grass.

These beautiful birds are suitable for first-time chicken owners, families and smallholders.

Our specialist breed is the beautiful SABLEPOOT BANTAM as listed by the Rare Poultry Society, where we have now 5 attractive colours.

We have fertile hatching eggs for sale throughout most off the year.


Eggs are posted Monday - Thursday by SPECIAL NEXT DAY DELIVERY which is all included in the price.

We check egg fertility on a regular basis and only market breeds with a consistently high fertility rate.

New Breeds For 2015

Large Fowl

Lemon Pyle, Blue Buff Columbian and Buff Columbian Brahma-Great layers of huge eggs
Blue Marans (French Lines)


Silver Millefleur Sablepoot
Buff Mottled Sablepoot
Millefleur Pekin
Gold Millefleur Sablepoots (Limited availability)